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Most Real Estate Companies left traditional marketing and moved forward to digital marketing which makes it a highly competitive niche. Now, it is nearly impossible to beat them without proper marketing strategies.

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At INI Solutions, we have a team of Real Estate SEO Experts who have already helped hundreds of Real Estate Firms to generate traffic and leads online. INI Solutions is a Real Estate SEO Company you can trust for your goals.

SEO Service For Real Estate Firms

SEO Audit

As a Real Estate SEO Company, we start by auditing the website, finding the problems and technical errors that are stopping the website from ranking. It can be developer end, designer end or content end – Once the audit is completed, we will fix all the major errors by working with other department teams. It will give us an edge on competitors and help us to get better ranking.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is done by SEO Professional to rank higher for specific keywords on Search Engines. Our Real Estate SEO Expert will optimize the website by adding potential keywords, adding high quality content, multimedia, url structure, metas, internal linking and many more. These all factors will have a great impact on website ranking which can be seen after re-indexing.

Link Building

Link Building is the process of getting backlink from other sites to yours. Getting Backlink from authoritative sites sends a good signal in Google’s eye which will boost website ranking. Our Real Estate SEO Expert have a great experience of link building and will create high quality backlink for the site which will stabilize and boost the organic ranking of the website.


The most important factor of SEO that got the title of “King” is Content. Yes, Content is the critical part of SEO and you can’t stand anywhere without high quality content. Our SEO Experts will suggest you content area and number of word count to be added – Once you have approved the word count, our team of content writers will write high quality content for your business according to yours and SEO team requirement.

User Experience (Performance)

After Page Experience Update, website performance and usability becomes one of the most critical of SEO. Our User Experience Specialist will analyze the complete website and will test the website according to performance, mobile usability and other factors. We will also test website speed, ssl issue and any other issue that users are facing while exploring the site.

Real Estate SEO Consultant

Working Together is the most important thing. Our Real Estate Consultants ask the client for their goals and what they want to achieve. Then, they make a proven strategy for the real estate company and present it to the client, take suggestions from the client and apply final strategies.  Our Real Estate Consultants have tons of experience and better guide you any situation of your digital business.

Our Professional Services

SEO Service

Offering quality seo service to grow business and generate leads.

Local SEO

High Quality Local SEO Service to Increase Search Appearance Locally.

Link Building

We will create High Quality Backlinks to rank and stablize the ranking of the site.

Shopify SEO

INI Solutions provide Shopify SEO Service that will 2x your profit by increasing product sales.

Ecommerce SEO

INI Solutions apply proven ecommerce seo strategies to rank your store and increase sales.

Real Estate SEO

Increase Your Site Visibility and Get Customers at Your Shop with Real Estate SEO Services

Best Real Estate SEO Company

INI Solutions is a Professional SEO Agency that is known for its best SEO Service specifically Real Estate SEO Services. INI Solutions is helping many Real Estate Companies to grow their digital presence and increase revenue. 

At INI Solutions, we have Real Estate SEO Experts who have more than 6 years of experience and know how to do their job perfectly. Our Real Estate SEO Experts create a proven strategy for businesses that guarantees the results. We not only commit traffic because only traffic is useless for real estate business. We commit quality traffic that can be converted into leads and then customers. 

  • Performance Audit
  • Proven Marketing Strategies 
  • Website Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Leads
Professional SEO Agency
Table of Contents

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO is the optimization process of the website to rank higher on Search Engine in order to get high traffic and leads. As Real Estate becomes a competitive niche, you need a proper marketing strategy to get success in this niche.

You must need to be a technical person in order to generate leads from SEO. As SEO can be done by experts like INI Solutions. INI Solutions is a Real Estate SEO Company that is providing valuable SEO services to Real Estate Firms and generating them tons of leads online.

Our Real Estate Experts have great experience in this niche and can create a proven strategy that will 2x your business growth.

How SEO can benefit Real Estate Firms?

Organic Search is the main gateway to generate leads for any business. According to a report, 80% of people that want to buy or sell property do a Google Search. If you are not utilizing SEO for lead generation then, you are missing a lot.

According to another report, 70% of customers choose their company from organic search.  You need to be on the first page of Google if you want to generate leads from organic search because it is very rare that a user scrolls to the 2nd page. But ranking on the first page of Google is not a piece of cake – Don’t Worry!

At INI Solutions, we have Real Estate SEO Experts who definitely help you to get your business ranked on the first page of Google and generate leads.

Why Local SEO for Real Estate Companies?

Local SEO is an essential part of businesses that are providing services to local clients or working physically like Real Estate. According to a report, 86% of people who search for a local business are likely to call or visit physically within 24 hours.

It means Local SEO plays an important role in local Businesses’ SEO. Our Local SEO Expert will claim your GMB (Google My Business) Profile and optimize it to appear whenever anyone is looking for a real estate company in your local area. We will also create local citations which increase the visibility of your business locally.

Local Industries SEO

As a Professional SEO Agency, we are dealing with many local companies and providing results with our Services like Law Firm SEO, Dental SEO, Automotive SEO, Plastic Surgery SEO, and Real Estate SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Real Estate Agency?

As we know SEO is a technical skill to optimize and rank the business in order to get traffic. It is very difficult for a Real Estate Agent to take out time from its busy schedule and learn a new skill and apply. On the other hand, you can just get Real Estate SEO Service Online that are experts in their field like INI Solutions.

Do I need to Create a New Website?

Not really, if your site is developed by professional developers then, we will optimize the website and fix the development end errors as well. But in rare cases, where a website has a lot of errors and can’t fulfill requirements then, we suggest clients make a new site rather than investing on an already created website.


How much time SEO takes to Show Results?

Real Estate SEO does not have a specific time to show results because SEO is a long term process and takes time to show results. In normal process, Real Estate SEO Service can take between 4 to 6 months but it can be changed according to project, and goals.

How much budget I need for Real Estate SEO Service?

Real Estate SEO Service cost can be $800 to upto $2000 for a normal project. The service cost can be changed if you have major goals that require a lot of effort.